How does mediation work?

If you are considering, or are at any stage of, separation or divorce, you may find that mediation can help you.

The first stage is normally a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting, sometimes known as a MIAM. Each person meets separately with the mediator to discuss their situation, gather some basic information, and decide whether mediation would be suitable.

If your circumstances are suitable for mediation and both of you want to go ahead, your mediator will contact you both to arrange a joint meeting.

At the first joint meeting the mediator will help you to identify the areas you want to discuss, ranging through finances, living plans, arrangements for your children, and anything else which is important for you. The mediator will tell you what information you need to gather and bring to later meetings, and you will consider how to go about finding and sharing all the information.

In later meetings you will discuss these areas in more detail, helped by the mediator, and aiming to reach solutions which will most benefit both of you. Your mediator can provide information to you, but cannot give advice. It will be up to you to speak to a solicitor or other professional advisor between mediation meetings.

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